College Football

Oregon Ducks fans just love their booze and the cops just love bustin’ em

We showed you how Oregon’s mascot whooped the butt of a giant-headed cougar during a Houston/Oregon football game. Well, it turns out that Donald was probably sloshed. We have absolutely no proof to back up our claim, but we do know that there are plenty of Ducks’ faithful who like to partake in some refreshing adult beverages during the game. Even if they shouldn’t be.

A minimum of 57 people were booted from the Ducks game this weekend for drinking violations, including three folks who were arrested. But the arrests weren’t limited to the stadium itself. Police arrested an unspecified number of people for driving under the influence after leaving the game and there were also a pair of unfortunate drinkers who got thrown in jail for drinking while watching the game offsite.

Eugene police officers, Lane County sherriff’s deputies, and university DPS officers kept a watchful eye for those that had partied beyond their ability to behave appropriately, and for those attempting to drink in parts of the stadium where alcohol is not allowed,” Doug Mazon with the Eugene Police Deptartment said.

We’re kind of wondering if the reporters at KGW might be tossing a few back as well because we’re pretty sure there are only two Ts in “deptartment.” Anyways, we know that stuff like this happens at every game, every week across the nation, but 57 seems just a bit excessive to us. Maybe the Ducks could cut down on those numbers a bit if they simply adopted and adapted some of these suggestions from those fancy pants Ivy Leaguers.


[]: 57 people ejected from Ducks game for drinking violations

Atlanta Braves

Minor league manager shows why he’s in the minors

Okay, so this happened back on Friday, but you didn’t think we were gonna let this slip by; did ya?  After all, it is just one of the biggest meltdowns of all-time by a baseball manager.  C’mon, when was the last time you saw a fat guy in a Braves uniform doing a belly crawl to the mound?  Not to mention the classic grenade style toss of the rosin bag.  Jeez, Sweet Lou has got to be feeling a lot less stupid thanks to Mr. Phillip Wellman’s antics.  

But seriously, how is his squad supposed to rally behind a guy who acts like this?  That’s like asking Alec Baldwin’s daughter to have respect for her daddy after he called her “a rude, thoughtless little pig.” Some things are just impossible to forget.