New York Giants

David Tyree grabs SB play of the game honors or at least pins it to his helmet for a first down

It’s not a dream. The New York Giants are the winners of Super Bowl XLII! And so what if Plaxico Burress’ prediction was a few points off!

About ¾ of the game can be thrown out of your mental memory bank in order to preserve room for all those memories of bikinis and coco butter from your last youthful spring break to Cozumel. But make sure you keep that fourth quarter inside the ol’ noggin because that was something special. A Manning miracle, you might say. We’ve watched enough football over the years to know that games are never won or lost on a single play but, you might as well put a cape on David Tyree because he saved the day with this whacky snag.

Easily one of the most sensational plays in S.B. history; however, we’re a little bitter towards Tyree because of his play. Primarily because it revived Mercury Morris and the rest of the population of Perfectville from potential obscurity. We weren’t exactly looking forward to hearing about the Patriots “pursuit of perfection” for the remainder of our lives, but, damn, we’re getting to the point of physical nausea after 36 years of Dolphins reunions/celebrations when the final unbeaten goes down.