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Hey, Mike Vick; you could learn a thing or two from Greg Oden

So, what do you do when you’re young and famous with millions of dollars in the bank and a year off of work? Well, if you’re Greg Oden you don’t do much of anything. Granted, the guy is recovering from some hefty surgery, but c’mon! Someone call over a bunch of strippers and Three 6 Mafia for this guy and let’s get this party rockin’ NBA style! Oh, wait, his landlord might not approve.

But we really do love Oden around here and are hoping for a speedy recovery. In the meantime, if Charles Barkley McLovin keeps him from becoming Ron Artest McRodman than we’re all for it.

His name is Charles Barkley McLovin and he is my new dog. He is a Boston/Beagle. He is not too big because i cant have a big dog while im renting my house. He is very quiet, hasnt even barked since i had him so far. He does of course pee in the house, making me mad. I know it takes time to train a dog, but don’t you wish that a dog can just be born knowing to go to the restroom outside and to eat his food out of the dish?

This dog is stressing me out some because he sniffs everything and he loves eating grass, but he won’t eat his dog food. The second day i had him Brandon and I left him in the backyard for like 30 minutes and when we got back he had crawled under the gate and run away. Luckily, i have great neighbors. It was funny because when i was down the street i told one of my neighbors and she said she hadn’t seen him, but by the time i got to my house and got out the car i saw another lady walk out the door saying “about 30 to 45 minutes ago and he has a red collar.” i looked at Brandon and said “she talking about me” lol. They all were looking for him, even their kids were on bikes. He turned up two houses down and i was so happy. Now i watch him every time he goes outside. I love him already. All he does is cuddle and sleep and he is quiet. I just wish he would stop eating grass.

Keep us updated big fella.


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