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All of L.A. will soon be sporting Baron Davis beards

Baron Davis stunned the basketball world by bolting from Golden State for one of the most pathetic franchises ever in existence: the Clippers. There’s really only two ways this can work out for B-Dizzle, a) he helps turn around a team’s fortunes, dotting the NBA landscape with two relevant Los Angeles squads or b) he […]

Sam’s cool on the outside, but he’s ready to go Alien on this dork

We always knew that it would be some nerdy white guy who’d go up to Sam Cassell and bust out the “E.T. vs. Gollum” question, but we just always hoped that it would be E.J. who `cowboyed up.’ Did we really just say that? Listen kid, we’re no John Stossels or Geraldo Riveras (although we […]

Top 10 Most Gruesome sports injuries: #6 Shaun Livingston

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten most gruesome sports injuries. Here’s #6] Our No. 7 injury showed you just how painful a dislocated elbow can be. Now just imagine the same thing happening to your knee. Actually you don’t have to imagine, because Shaun Livingston took all the guess work out of the equation and […]

So this is what a dislocated knee looks like

We haven’t seen a photo this disgusting since those tabloid pics of Britney’s cooter surfaced. If you’re looking for more cringe inducing visuals, watch the video.

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