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Bob Uecker’s low point in life is no longer being choked by Andre the Giant

Bob Uecker’s yacht was docked juuuuust a bit outside of where it should have been in a Milwaukee harbor and the sucker got smashed by a 550-foot freighter on Tuesday. Mr. Belvedere’s arch nemesis was unharmed in the mêlée, but the yacht was badly damaged, leaving Uecker in a bit of a pickle. The freighter […]

It’s a good thing the Brewers can play baseball because their acting sucks

Not too long ago, we brought you the story of Denver Broncos tough guy turned ESPN windbag turned Guiding Light private detective Mark Schlereth. Well, it turns out that Roc Hoover isn’t the only pro athlete to get bitten by the soap opera acting bug. On Wednesday, four members of the Milwaukee Brewers, J.J. Hardy, […]

Brewers’ latest promotion goes ass up

If you thought that Reese’s did a good job of combining two of your favorite treats into one tasty experience, just wait until you get a load of the Milwaukee Brewers’ latest promotion. Fans at today’s game will have the opportunity to get free tickets to an upcoming game and all they have to do […]

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