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It’s time for a little Baseball Boogie

You know how people are always talking about the “good ol’ days?” Well, the humiliating ol’ days would be more like it. So, what’s more embarrassing: the steroid scandals of today or THAT?

The Full Count: The Dodgers climb to the top of the NL

Brad Penny wins again. 1. The NL’s New Leader: Either the Brewers, Mets, or Padres have held the National League’s best record for most of this season. But now, the Dodgers have the league’s top mark at 53-40. They crushed the Phillies last night 10-3 as Brad Penny improved to 11-1. Penny pitched seven innings, […]

The Dodgers have a unique way of building a large fan base

Hey, fat boy! Yeah, you; the one stuffing your face with pork rinds, sitting on your couch in a pair of stained tighty whities with America’s pastime playing out on the tube. We think we might have found a way to coax you out of your mamma’s basement. Dodger Stadium now has an all-you-can-eat section […]

Oct 16 in Sports History: Kirk Gibson’s heroics

In 1988: In one of the most amazing and downright surreal moments in baseball history, Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda took “a roll of the dice’” (in the words of the great Vin Scully) and sent Kirk Gibson – who could barely walk – up to pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth inning and […]

August 10 in Sports History: Have you see my baseball?

In 1995: One of the worst ideas for a promotion (right behind Disco Demolition Night and 10-Cent Beer Night) took place at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers thought it would be a good idea to hand out free baseballs to all fans, but didn’t follow one of the golden rules of promotions: “Don’t give away anything […]

Grady Little gets criticized for pulling a pitcher too early?

Brad Penny loves his Ws. Though the Dodgers got the win, Penny had a meltdown on the mound because Grady Little pulled him in the fifth inning before he qualified for the win. Even though he had given up 6 straight runs, 4 of them in the 5th inning, Penny decided to show up his […]

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