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Byron Scott is on Jerry Stackhouse’s hit list

Jerry Stackhouse might want to reconsider pissing off the Hornets. After getting blasted over the first two games of the series and falling into a 2-0 series hole against New Orleans, Stackhouse gave his opponents even more motivation on Wednesday night when he ripped into Hornets coach Byron Scott on a radio show.

I think it’s just about having personalities that mesh and I think Chris (Paul) is such a great guy, I think he’s been able to kind of deal with Byron Scott. I don’t think Byron Scott is the best coach or I don’t think he’s the best guy to deal with — you know what I’m sayin? — from some things that I’ve heard from other players and just some dealings that I had with him earlier in the season. I was about ready to kick his ass — you know what I’m sayin? He was sitting on the sideline and we just got into a little conversation or something and he was going to tell me, you know, ‘Talk to me when you get a ring.’ I was like, I told that fool, ‘If I played with Magic and Worthy and Kareem I’d have a ring, too. So, you know, he’s a sucker in my book, but that’s a whole other story.

Well, guess what Stack; you don’t play with Magic, Worthy or Kareem. Nope, you play with perennial playoff choke artists like Dirk Nowitzki. From collapsing in Game 3 against the Heat to getting smacked down by the last-seeded Warriors to barely making the playoffs before dropping the first two against an inexperienced New Orleans squad; sorry Stackhouse, but you are no Byron Scott.

Good luck handling an angry Chris Paul who will be looking to avenge his coach’s name in Game 3.


[]: Stackhouse no fan of Byron Scott

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