Utah hates Ric Bucher more than the Rockets at the moment

Utah hates Ric Bucher more than the Rockets at the moment

You might as well just call ’em butter because ESPN is on a roll. Not only are they calling out baseball players on their age, they are also calling out Mormons for being too happy.

ESPN is apologizing for some anti-Mormon remarks directed at noisy Utah Jazz fans, but it took some prompting.

NBA writer Ric Bucher was not very kind to Jazz fans on an ESPN radio show. “They are Mormons, and they are in Salt Lake, and there is nothing else there. You know, you gotta smile and be happy all the time. This is the one opportunity for people to get vicious,” Bucher said.

A day later, Bucher said he was sorry. “I regret making that connection and apologize to anyone of the Mormon faith for having done so,” he said.

The pre-recorded apology only came after KSL and several other media outlets asked to interview him. He hopes it works. “And that all citizens of Salt Lake City will find it in their hearts to welcome me as hospitably as they have in the past,” Bucher said.

ESPN also sent out a statement saying: “We spoke to Ric and he understands that his comments were inappropriate. This type of religious generalization has no place on our outlets and we apologize.”

Guess you were wrong Ric, because now they have two opportunities to get vicious.


[KSL.com]: ESPN commentator apologizes for anti-Mormon comments

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