Fantasy fishing’s got us hook, line and sinker. Seriously

Hey, for $7.3 million, you should be
hooked too!

We know that those who can’t do, play fantasy sports. After all, is there anything more consuming than a fantasy football league? Forget family. Forget work. Forget the bills, well everything but cable and high speed internet connection of course. But it’s not just football anymore. People are addicted to fantasy basketball, fantasy golf, fantasy basketball; it’s becoming an American epidemic. However, those same fantasy freaks would probably scoff at the idea of fantasy fishing. Well, scoff no more because these guys are pulling in fantasy addicts like we reel in old shoes. And they’re using big, big bucks as bait.

Sports fans, fantasy nuts, people who love winning giant piles of money for sitting at a computer — meet FLW Outdoors Fantasy Fishing. It’s the first-ever fantasy sports league to guarantee that somebody will become an actual, totally legit in the eyes of God and the IRS, millionaire. Or even a multimillionaire. FLW is blowing away all previous fantasy leagues by giving away more than $7 million in cash and prizes. Yes, folks, we’ve officially reached the point in sports history where people can win millions of dollars for watching other people watch out for fish. …

Fantasy fishing works like any fantasy league. After signing up at Fantasy Fishing, you draft 10 real anglers (never call them “fishermen”) and accumulate points based on how much bass weight they reel in. Each of six regular-season tournaments awards $100,000 to the highest-scoring participant. The most points in the seventh tournament, the Forrest L. Wood Cup — the league’s “Super Bowl” — also wins $100,000. And the $1 million grand prize goes to the most cumulative points over all seven events, with an astounding $5 million “Top 7 Exacta Bonus” to any owner who picks the top seven finishers, in exact order, in any one event. Oh, and they’re also giving away trucks and ATVs and more. Hey, fantasy leaguers, when was the last time Peyton Manning or Alex Rodriguez won you a friggin’ boat?


[]: Watch people fish. Win $1 million
[]: Win your share of $7.3 million in cash and prizes

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