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When you’re Shaq, all mo’ money means is mo’ bills

Patrick Ewing once infamously said “We might make a lot of money, but we also spend a lot of money.” Perhaps nobody exemplifies this better than Mr. Money Bags, Shaquille O’Neal.

The big fella is currently going through a divorce from his wife, Shaunie, and had to turn over a statement of his finances to the courts and the Palm Beach Post managed to get their hands on it. After taking a look at the article, it’s pretty clear everything Ewing said was true. Shaq indeed makes a lot of money ($1.8 million per month), but he spends a lot of money too ($875,015 per month). Here’s how Shaq attacks the bills.

* $156,116 in mortgages on three homes (including his $20 million mansion on Miami Beach’s Star Island), plus $31,299 in homeowners insurance
* $110,505 for vacations
* $26,500 a month for child care
* $24,300 for gas
* $17,220 for clothing
* $12,775 for food
* $10,065 for electricity
* $10,000 for temporary child support
* $10,000 for alimony
* $6,730 for dry cleaning
* $5,000 for car payments
* $3,345 for phone bills
* $2,305 for pets
* $1,610 for lawn and pool maintenance
* $1,495 for cable TV

Talk about depressing! He’s dropping almost seven grand a month on dry cleaning and we can’t even scrounge up enough change to get our water turned back on. Yea, do *not* go in there! Pheeww!


[]: Shaq as big a spender as he is a man

2 replies on “When you’re Shaq, all mo’ money means is mo’ bills”

Shaq is an idiot — He probably gets over the air reception on his tvs and gets charged for the cable anyway.  How the hell can you spend that much on cable?

what a fool — How can you make that much money and STILL be making house and car payments (especially car payments)? Don’t you think he should be able to pay for cars in cash?

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