Najeh Davenport conducts exclusive interview with 911 dispatcher

Najeh Trenadious Monté Davenport was at it again, but don’t worry, you’re laundry is safe.

Davenport and his baby momma apparently got into a dispute on Thursday night in Cleveland after he went to pick up his 5-year-old son from the woman and simultaneously let her know that he’d be filling for full custody of the child. That didn’t go over to well with the mother, Anita Person, and despite the fact that it appears Davenport had all the necessary visitation paperwork, she grabbed the boy from the car and bolted. But she didn’t make it far.

A woman who asked not to be identified told emergency dispatchers about “a situation” in which a woman and “her baby’s father” were arguing. “He was just punching all on her and she was screaming, ‘help.'”

The anonymous caller went on to say that the man “keeps circling around the block.”

Davenport, however, denied the claims that he hit Person — telling a Cleveland television station that he never touched the woman.

No charges were filed against Davenport in the case, but we’re always going to have our suspicions about a guy who takes a dump in some chick’s laundry hamper.

But the best part of this whole crazy situation is that the Cleveland police released the 911 tapes from Davenport, Peterson and another witness.

Damn, if Najeh had really needed help, he would have been dead by the time the operator found the address! Despite the dispatcher’s horrible performance, this still conjures up warm and fuzzy memories of our childhood and evenings watching Rescue 911.


[]: Police Release 911 Tapes Of Davenport Dispute

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