WDFN-AM in Detroit is really starting to worry us

We don’t know what’s worse: the
interviewer’s questions or Ernie
Sims’ answers.

Not too long ago we brought you some of the highlights, or lowlights depending on how you look at it, from an interview with Detroit Lions wide receiver Roy Williams. Well, Detroit linebacker Ernie Sims went on the same radio station earlier in the week and, of course, the interview quickly deteriorated from the Xs and Os of football to crotches. Yup, crotches.

On the rip in Tatum Bell’s pants during the Bears game: (Laughs) I think they mentioned it on the sidelines, but we were so tied up to the game somebody mentioned it, we were so tied up to the game listening to the coaches and trying to get all of our adjustments on the sidelines, that, when I watch the big screen I really couldn’t point it out. I knew that he had it though.

When you’re watching film, will this come up: We might joke around about it, but it’s not a big deal. He was just out there playing ball and it just so happened that one of the guys tried to rip his pants off.

On why football players don’t wear jock straps: When we were little kids like in pee wee football they used to make us wear jock straps. As we got older in high school, some kids wore them – I didn’t wear them in high school. In college pretty much nobody wore them. It’s just the type of thing that, I’ve got hit in the jewels before but it’s just that it doesn’t happen that much, so you don’t need to wear it.

Are you worried about an injury in “that” area: Nine times out of 10, you’ll end up messing up something else. Seriously, you rarely ever hurt that area. It’s the type of thing where if you play hard, if you play wall to wall and ball to ball you don’t have to worry about it.

“Ball to ball”??? We sure hope that isn’t some new team-building exercise Rod Marinelli’s got going.


[Freep.com]: Lions linebacker Ernie Sims on making plays, kicking to Devin Hester, jock straps

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  1. anonymous | Oct 7, 2007 | Reply

    detroit lions — I’m 49 years young @ still pray/hope/cuse for my Lions. However, year after year after year, no results! The Ford Family has paid the money & still no results. MY ANSWER:
    GET REAL CHEERLEADERS. NOT HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS. Nothing else seems to have worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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