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Odds and Ends: Behind the scenes of the NBA Draft with Stephen A. Smith

The hilarious videos just keep on coming as we’ve now gotten our grubby little hands on a clip of a puppet named Stephen A. Smith giving us an inside look at the NBA’s coming out party (via the fellas at Awful Announcing). In addition to the back stage discussions with some of the league’s newest stars, S.A.S. was gracious enough to give up the commentary on, well, the actual, real life, super annoying Stephen A. Smith. Now, we never have liked the guy, but thanks to this video, we like him even less than Slava Medvedenko and Rasho Nesterovic.

Watch out Triumph, there’s a new insulting sock in town.

In other news…

[]: What the hell is in the waters of Alaska to produce 350+ pound fish!?!?

[]: Danica might be going Britney Spears on us.

[The Big Lead]: Woody Paige got a vasectomy. Uh, TMI.

[Our Book of Scrap]: Red Sox fan chugs a cup of mustard. Mmmmmmm, mustard.

[]: Another day, another f’d up twist in the Chris Benoit story.

[]: NFL Europe finally folds; now we’re just waiting on the WNBA to go under.

[]: Tiger Woods’ guest house goes up in flames. Don’t worry; we’re sure he has another one somewhere.

[]: Greg Oden wants to clean up the number 52’s ugly image.

And finally, for all your drunken sports fans out there who hate drinking warm beer, we’ve got one word for ya: Hopsicle!

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