Soccer fan killed for celebrating

stoning is not funny

There’s a rule that we think everyone should follow: never celebrate excessively when in an opposing team’s stadium. If you go to an away game, you are allowed to celebrate when your team does something good, but make sure it’s mild mannered and not annoying to any who paid good money to cheer on their own team. We have no sympathy for people who get beaten up for being obnoxious pricks or get heckled for sporting their team colors. (Yes, we’re Eagles fans.)

In any case, while heckling and the occasional deserved beatdown can be expected, stomping and stoning a man to death is completely unacceptable.

A Mozambican soccer fan was stoned and stomped to death after celebrating a goal by his side in a premier league match in the southern African nation, Mozambique’s national newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Angry Lichinga fans attacked the unidentified man after he jumped onto a stadium terrace to celebrate Ferroviario’s second goal in the 69th minute, the daily newspaper said. It quoted witnesses as saying that police failed to intervene.

Yep. The beautiful game.

[The Offside]: The Daily Dose

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Random comment of the day — When I read this, I actually thought I sleptwalked and did this to Brett Hull.

question — Don’t soccer advocates always talk about how the game brings people together in other countries? Maybe it would be better to keep those people apart? Just a thought.

I think — one of those crazy mother fuckers should climb into the Cubs press box and stomp Ron Santo to death.

that’s right.

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