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David Stern squashes postseason re-seeding talk

Who could possibly have a problem
with this series?

We’ve only seen one game of the series between Phoenix and San Antonio, but it already has the feel of a classic, knockdown, drag out kind of a battle. So, why are there so many people complaining then? Well, many feel that the NBA’s seeding system is all screwy and, therefore, this game is happening way too early. Considering that these are the two best teams remaining in the Western Conference, it could be argued that they should be hooking up in the West finals and not the semis. But at this point, complaining about the need for a re-seeding system after the first round is like complaining about the need for a playoff in college football; it’s just a waste of breath. NBA Commissioner David Stern came out and said so.

Given the fact that we have contracts with ESPN, ABC and TNT, it’s almost impossible to do and meet those obligations. It’s something we won’t consider.

And they shouldn’t either. These match-ups between great teams are going to happen more frequently because there are more great teams in the league now; especially out west. Hell, Houston vs. Utah was relegated to the first round for crying out loud. When there are five elite teams in a pool of eight playoff teams then you are simply going to have high seeds running into each other early.

And what’s so bad about that? Last year we saw one of the best series in the entire postseason in the second round when San Antonio and Dallas went seven games in a nail biter. And why should Golden State be penalized with a tougher schedule by being forced to play Phoenix in the second round because they pulled off an unbelievable upset? That’s the beauty of the playoffs, you simply play who gets put in front of you and if you win you go on. If the league starts trying to delay the big games until the conference finals then there is a good chance we won’t even get to see `em. Just ask Dallas how easy it is to get knocked off by a lower seed.


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What? — I want a playoff in college football, re-seeding in the NBA, and no steroids in baseball. Oh, never mind, I know they are all never going to happen. I’ll just watch the MLS. They have Beckham now you know?!

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