2007 MLB franchise valuations

A lot was made recently about about Bud Selig’s $14.5M salary in 2006 but when you look at the financial numbers for baseball as a whole, he deserved every penny. (Holy crap we just defended Bud Selig.)

Forbes published their annual “Business of Baseball” feature and despite everything, MLB is doing pretty damn good for themselves. The total valuation for all baseball teams went up $1.6B to $12.9B, a gain of 15%. Meanwhile, no team lost value last year — even the Nationals went up $7M in value.

Leading the way as usual are the New York Yankees, valued at $1.2B, adding $174M in value. Curiously enough, the Yankees were the only team that posted an operating loss last year (-$25M).

There’s a huge difference between the Yankees and everyone else though. Second on the list are the Mets who leapfrogged the Red Sox and are now valued at $736M. Want to buy the Red Sox but don’t have $724M lying around? Don’t worry, the Florida Marlins can be had for a cheap $244M.

The complete list of MLB franchises and their 2007 valuations after the jump.

1. New York Yankees: $1200M
2. New York Mets: $736M
3. Boston Red Sox: $724M
4. Los Angeles Dodgers: $632M
5. Chicago Cubs: $592M
6. St Louis Cardinals: $460M
7. San Francisco Giants: $459M
8. Atlanta Braves: $458M
9. Philadelphia Phillies: $457M
10. Washington Nationals: $447M
11. Houston Astros: $442M
12. Seattle Mariners: $436M
13. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: $431M
14. Baltimore Orioles: $395M
15. Chicago White Sox: $381M
16. San Diego Padres: $367M
17. Texas Rangers: $365M
18. Cleveland Indians: $364M
19. Detroit Tigers: $357M
20. Toronto Blue Jays: $344M
21. Arizona Diamondbacks: $339M
22. Colorado Rockies: $317M
23. Cincinnati Reds: $307M
24. Oakland Athletics: $292M
25. Minnesota Twins: $288M
26. Milwaukee Brewers: $287M
27. Kansas City Royals: $282M
28. Pittsburgh Pirates: $274M
29. Tampa Bay Devil Rays: $267M
30. Florida Marlins: $244M

[Forbes.com]: Baseball’s Big Bucks

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