Odds and Ends: Zach Johnson gets the shaft

What more does a guy have to do to get some credit in the golf world? Zach Johnson comes from nowhere to rip the green jacket from Tiger Woods’ hands in a story that Disney would probably refuse because of a lack of authenticity, and Sports Illustrated puts a tree on the cover of their latest issue.

Are you serious? A tree! Of course, Tiger is standing behind the tree so apparently that justifies it to the fellas at SI. But if you notice, they did give Johnson a little bit of pub on the cover. Thanks for squeezing that in guys.

In other news…

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[]: Jason Whitlock is on Don Imus’ side. No, surely not Whitlock.

[]: Michael Irvin will see your lawsuit and raise you one.

And finally, we all knew that there would be a movie about the rise and fall of Anna Nicole, but what we didn’t know is that a babe would play Anna. Looks like pop singer Willa Ford is the lucky winner of the role. Now she just needs to practice on her slurred speech and start fluctuating dress sizes like a white Oprah.

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Mr Vandergrift? — Is he an architect too?  Vandergrift Industries?  

Michael Irvin cracks me up.  Like he’s worried about his reptuation.  Hey mike, you’re a cokehead who played for the Cowboys in the 90s.  Nobody respects you as it is.

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