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Hello… people in TV land… does anyone actually own a Fathead?

You know those photos that people send which are so disturbing that you have to forward it to someone so that they will be disturbed too (e.g. Britney’s cooch, Harry Potter’s unit)? Well consider this the blog entry equivalent for us. It’s not disturbing, just a complete goddamn waste of time.

Fathead issued a press release today that the first overall pick in the draft will make history by becoming the first rookie to get a Fathead without playing a single down. Uhhhh… sure. That’s a great honor. You get to make a commercial where you look like a complete douchebag. (If you haven’t seen a Fathead commercial, you must not have watched any NFL games or highlights last year.) Never mind the millions in guaranteed money, being a Fathead is the height of your career. God we hope the Raiders take a punter with the first pick.

Here’s the question. Does anyone you know actually own a Fathead? We believe this is about the same as the number of people you know who have caught a foul ball at a ballgame. We realize it’s targeted for kids but the damn thing costs over $100! Who the hell is spending this kind of money? That Walter Payton poster we had on the wall only cost 3 chances at the clown water balloon game at the carnival.

But Fathead still is making more products and innundating us with shitty commercials so someone has to be buying these ugly oversized shrinky dinks. Who is it? Who are you? And why… dear god why?

Well, that’s it folks, that’s the end of the rant for today. But before we go, here’s a classic comment from a reader at Fark: “I got FatheadĀ® last night… They always do it better.” Well done.

[Fark]: NFL’s first overall draft pick will get FatheadĀ®

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3 replies on “Hello… people in TV land… does anyone actually own a Fathead?”

Someone must own one — Because their freakin’ ads are on every Sunday during the NFL season. I don’t know anyone, but then again I am not in my teens.

those ads drive me nuts — and I’m sorry for posting that photo of Ben. It makes me angry just looking at it.

At least — Chad Johnson has some sense of comedic timing in his spots. Big Ben just talks in a corny voice and acts awkwardly.

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