Pacman Jones might have less money to make it rain

Take a bite out of crime!

It has been speculated for a couple of weeks now but Don Banks at Sports Illustrated is reporting that the NFL is going to set an example by suspending Pacman Jones, not for his role in the Las Vegas strip club triple shooting, but for failing to tell the Titans about two 2006 arrests in Georgia which violates the personal conduct clause in his contract.

According to a source in the league office:

We can’t tell the Titans that he won’t play for them ever again, because the Titans, at the end of the day, will determine his long-term future. But the league will determine his short-term future. You should see something within a two or three-week time frame, and I would think you could expect a multiple-game suspension, or as much as a year or beyond.

The suspension could come immediately after the owners meetings next week in Arizona. Pacman is unlikely to get any support from the Players Association as commissioner Roger Goodell has worked closely with NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw on writing the new personal conduct guidelines and has the support of a lot of the veterans.

[SI]: Time to get tough

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  1. anonymous | Mar 25, 2007 | Reply

    NFL concussion — The answer is in boxing, Marvin Hagler is proof. The problem with these so called “Concussion experts”, is the only players they ever see are in post concussion. They have no clue how to prevent a concussion.
    The TooToo hit was clearly a blow to the jaw. Marvin Hagler endured thousands of blows to the jaw of similar force  and was never knocked down. A medical device he helped develop creates a class three fulcrum on the back molars, rocking the mandible away from the skull.( get out the physics 101 book). Preventing a concussion from a blow to the jaw is not the work of a neurologist. The NFL and Riddell have determined 70% originate from blows to the jaw and 30% from blows to the crown of the head.  Both having different symptoms and severity, you are more likely to be knocked unconcious by a blow to the jaw (boxing). Even more serious, Parkinsons, Alzeimers and brain desease are found to be linked to blows to the jaw (pugilistica demetia, boxing).
    You only have to see the neurologist to find out how bad your concussion is. The most unbelievable thing about the Shanahan situation is, his hometown of Duxbury MA is where we certified one of our first dentists to make this retainer like mouth guard. The world will soon wake up to this ground breaking  medical discovery.

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