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So how long have you been a black quarterback?

Butch John is his name (we’d hate to know what his porn name is) and he was a reporter for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. According to sports lore, he was the guy who asked Doug Williams, “So, Doug, how long have you been a black quarterback?” Except, well, he didn’t.

According to John, he actually said, “Doug, it’s obvious you’ve been a black quarterback all your life. When did it start to matter?'” Doug Williams mishead him and replied, “What? How long have I been a black quarterback?” and the rest is history. The problem is that a ridiculous question is so much funnier than a thoughtfully posed question so it’s unlikely that the truth will ever spread the way the story of the stupid question spread. It’s like when an athlete gets arrested and it makes the front page but when that athlete is exonerated, it’s a small blurb on page 10.

So here we are doing our part to set the record straight. When people google “how long have you been a black quarterback”, hopefully they’ll read the truth of the statement. Or they can just keep making fun of it like we did on Poor Man’s PTI last week. Sadly the latter is more likely.


[Orlando Sentinel]: Dumbest question was never asked

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