Odds and Ends for Wed Apr 26 2006: Soccer is very gay

Is it just us or are a disproportionate amount of soccer stories tinged with homoeroticism? NTTAWWT… In Brazil, a coach was suspended for 60 days for saying that a referee was flirting with him.

He was flirting with me. He blew his whistle and looked at me with every decision he made….Maybe it was because of my pink shirt.”

Probably not the best idea to imply that a ref is gay. Blind is ok. Gay is not.

In other news…

[Denver Post]: Kenyon Martin suspended for sitting out the 2nd half of Monday’s game without injury.

[TrojanWire]: Matt Leinart is already setting himself up to be the 2009 Madden cover jinx.

[The Hater Nation]: Why Kobe chose new jersey number

[CBS Sportsline]: Shocking! Man behind Reggie Bush house scandal has shady past.

[SI]: Well, there goes SI.com’s credibility — Jenn Sterger (you know the FSU ho-or… er… cowgirl) has a column.

[Columbus Dispatch]: This is what happens when you don’t supply strippers to lacrosse teams — they start sticking fingers up players’ rectums. Damn near killed him.

Real Odd of the Day: 9-5 that Lynn Swann is elected governor of Pennsylvania

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  1. RickJamez | Apr 28, 2006 | Reply

    whoa — if you watch the videos available online about soccer, itll become clear!

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