College Basketball

So this is why Billy Packer is trying to ruin college basketball!

Here’s some random YouTube goodness for this Friday. An interview with Billy Packer where he reveals his motivation for ruining March Madness for us.

Rooting on power conferences? Check. Rooting for favorites? Check. Impossibly smug attitude? Check. Wrong about tons of details? Check. Loves Duke? Check. Billy Packer not being a sports fan really explains everything doesn’t it?

College Basketball

Top 10 NCAA Buzzer Beaters Video

Buzzer beaters are the best part of the NCAA tournament. Here’s ESPN’S take on the top 10 NCAA Tournament buzzer beaters of all time. You don’t really even have to watch to know who #1 is going to be. (Hint: a teammate cries like a little girl.)

College Basketball

Joakim Noah will not be on Dancing with the Stars

Step aside Mark Madsen, move over Bob Kraft; you are no longer the benchmarks for the most humiliating championship celebrations of all time. In fact, Joakim Noah might have set the bar to an unreachable height when he flailed about like a sugar starved eight-year-old who just slammed a Double Gulp Slurpee after the Gators knocked off Arkansas in the SEC title game. (We think that’s Noah, or maybe someone just let a retarded epileptic kid on the floor.)

Look, anybody would be happy to win their conference’s championship; it’s just that most wouldn’t celebrate by performing their best Beavis and Butt Head dance impression on national television during the post-game festivities.

[YouTube]: White People Should Not Dance

NHL General

Chris Simon cheap shot video

Unbelievable cheap hit by the Islander Chris Simon on the Rangers’ Ryan Hollweg last night has everyone talking NHL again. The NHL has a huge problem — no, not the reading of player emails — the sports world only talks NHL when something bad happens, yet the NHL needs to legislate out the cheap stuff. We believe that’s called a Catch-22.

Chris Simon is lucky Hollweg isn’t more seriously hurt (he was back at practice today). Simon has been suspended indefinitely by the league pending a hearing. He will likely be suspended at least for the rest of this year.

All Other Sports

The sports world’s answer to the Star Wars Kid

Via Deadspin comes this funny yet groan inducing video of a kid practicing his dunks on a mini hoops set in his basement. Here’s a lesson for everyone. Don’t ever ever ever videotape yourself doing ANYTHING. It’ll end up on the internet if it’s embarassing enough.

Oakland Raiders

Oh Randy…


College Football

"That’s kinda… that’s kinda gay"

What would we do without YouTube?


Too bad this wasn’t Tony Siragusa

There are two things you can watch over and over: someone getting hit in the crotch and someone falling down unexpectedly. Well, from The Offside comes this video of a soccer sideline reporter taking one for the team.

Can anyone translate what the anchorman is saying?