Tennessee Titans

Hey, Vince! There’s still time to back out!

We all know that Vince Young’s career is in serious jeopardy in just his second year as a pro quarterback thanks to his decision to pose as the Madden 08 cover boy. But, hell, it doesn’t matter if they put Daffy Duck on the front of the package because there will be a line that stretches all the way around Best Buy’s across the nation when the game is finally released. So, here’s a little tease for all you video game nerds out there.

And if VY wasn’t enough to get your thumbs twiddling in anticipation, then you can check out the additional Madden 08 ads which star some of the other rookie sensations in the league after the jump.

Chicago Bears

Devin Hester does his best Ozzy impression

Devin Hester might be the fastest man in Madden history but that doesn’t make him a good singer. But, like so many before him, Hester was asked to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in front of the Cubbies crowd and, like so many before him, he fell flat on his face. Here’s the horrific proof that Hester definitely belongs on the field and not in a recording studio.