High School Sports

Getting ready for March Madness with old school H.S. football lunacy

We know that March is typically a month dedicated to the madness that is tournament-style college basketball. So, we figured there is no better way to get you ready for the thrilling comebacks and last-second victories that will inevitably come as the month draws on than by hitting you upside the noggin with one of the greatest rallies in the history of sports. Sure, it’s close to 15 years old and its high school football, but it is guaranteed to get the juices flowing for a month when anything that can’t happen usually does.

Here’s the setup, Plano East (TX) is trailing John Tyler (TX) by 24 points with just three minutes to go. Enjoy.


[]: Amazing Comeback

Boston Celtics

Is it already Miller Time again ?

Apparently pulling down Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in one off-season just isn’t enough for the Boston Celtics and now they are attempting to coax the greatest 3-point shooter in league history out of retirement. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has been talking to Reggie Miller about joining the All-Star squad for a run at the franchise’s first championship since some guy named Larry Bird was suiting up.

It looks like Ainge is going to follow in the footsteps of the late 90s/early 2000s Portland Trailblazers who tried to simply stack as much talent as possible onto that roster. It almost worked for the Blazers but an incredible Game 7, furious fourth quarter comeback by the Lakers in the West Finals was capped off by a Kobe Bryant to Shaquille O’Neal alley-oop and the rest is history. The opportunity to play another season and possibly go to his second NBA Finals has to be tempting for Miller, but, then again, only working one day a week while pulling down some excellent TV money is a pretty sweet gig in itself.

And before anyone starts saying that Miller has to come back because it will be his best chance at a title, don’t forget that Mark Cuban tried to recruit Miller to the Mavericks and he turned them down. Now, we all know about the horrible collapses by Dallas in the past couple of postseasons, but Miller would have been on an extremely competitive team who is always at the top of the list for possible title contenders. That’s something that Boston can’t be labeled as…yet. Anyways, we gotta figure that Miller is flattered, but he’s probably going to pass on the offer. After all, would you give up a chance to hang out with the Chuckster every week in exchange for running your 42-year-old body into the ground? And if he does say no, Ainge could always ask Reggie’s big sis to lace `em up.


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