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Kimbo Slice shouldn’t give up his day job

If you thought CSI: Miami was corny before, just wait until you see the new episodes starring Kimbo Slice.

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E-E-F-G-C-A-G-G: It’s gold, Jerry, gold!

Usually the only music we notice during sports telecasts are snippets of pop/rock songs that we suspect are picked out by interns and floated up the flag pole. Sometimes you get cool stuff (Seven Nation Army) and sometimes you get the latest nickelback song (more on this below*). In any case, the song that’s been drilled into our brains for four days last week, and will be for another four days starting today is the CBS college basketball theme song.

In case you can’t think of what it sounds like, here’s an mp3 file:

Bob Christianson wrote the theme back in 1992 and, according to this article, composers can make as much as $100,000 per year of such a song from royalties. $100k! For something he did 25 years ago.

Christianson said he doesn’t tell many folks that he composed the NCAA theme, but occasionally he can’t resist a moment of self-promotion when he enters a sports bar during March and hears the theme blaring on TV.

He may tell the nearest patron: “I just made another two dollars.

This is rather amusing as everytime we hear the opening theme music to a basketball game, we’re about to lose $100.

*Tiger Woods and Roger Clemens were hanging out backstage with Nickelback. We’ve never liked Clemens but Tiger Woods just dropped out of our Top 10 athletes for having terrible taste in music.


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