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John Elway says Jay Cutler ain’t no John Elway

If Jay Cutler wants to be the next John Elway then he’s going about it all wrong. Personally, we enjoyed when Cutler threw Brandon Marshall under the bus, but Elway said on Wednesday that he would have done things a little differently.

If that’s what Jay feels like he needs to comment on, he needs to do that,” Elway said. “Personally, I would’ve done it to him. Even though I tried to settle things in the press, looking back over the years, it hasn’t been the right way to do it.”

“As a quarterback, you’ve got to take a leadership role,” Elway said. “Jay has that last year under his belt. I’m sure he feels a lot better where he’s going. They need someone to take over. That’s a good move on Jay’s part.

“Bottom line, there’s talk and there’s wins,” he said.

Elway can’t recall when he earned the trust and respect of his teammates. He said it just stemmed from winning games.

“You’ll feel them follow you,” he said. “There are different ways to lead — everyone has a different way. Jay will have his own personal way, too. It’s just a matter of when you gain the respect of those teammates. That’s when leadership comes. They respect what you’re doing.

Oh, it’s what you do that matters!! No wonder Matt Leinart can’t seem to get control of the Cardinals.


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Doesn’t sound like Jay Cutler believes Brandon Marshall’s McDonalds story either

Jay Cutler is not very happy with Brandon Marshall right now. The young gun starting quarterback in Denver conducted his first interview since the season ended and most of his comments dealt with wide receiver Marshall and all of his off-the-field shenanigans; the latest being an injured arm that supposedly occurred when Marshall slipped on a McDonald’s bag and went crashing through his television while roughhousing. While Cutler isn’t up to Phillip Rivers’ level when it comes to talking trash, the John Elway wannabe certainly got his point across and slipped in a few shots to boot.

Yeah, he’s not my favorite person right now,” Cutler said. “I mean, I support him, but it’s always something with him right now.” …

I’ve talked to him many times. I think a lot of people have. … He knows he’s running out of chances,” Cutler said. “This wasn’t like his DUI and other stuff he’s had. It was an accident, but still, things like that can’t happen. He knows it.

“But like I told him, I said, ‘Brandon, they’re going to quit giving you chances and you’re going to have to go somewhere else. And that’s going to be a shame.”‘

Marshall said last week that he realizes he has to grow up and that his freak injury was a wakeup call.

“His DUI was a wakeup call,” Cutler retorted. “He’s had many wakeup calls. I mean, he’s been in (coach Mike) Shanahan’s office many times. I’ve been up there with him. He said the same thing: ‘This is a wakeup call. This is the last thing that’s going to happen. Blah blah blah.’ I mean, until he goes out and proves it, we’ll see what happens. …

I love Brandon to death and he’s a great kid at heart. I don’t think he goes out there looking for trouble. He’s not at bars late. He’s not doing those things that other people do. It’s just something about him. He’s always into something,” Cutler said. “Like I told him, ‘I haven’t lost faith in you. I’ll still support you. But … you’re going to have to prove yourself this time.’

We certainly can’t blame Cutler for being a little lot peeved with Marshall, but dissing him in public probably isn’t going to go over too well with the “kid.” We wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Marshall’s fist goes right into Cutler’s face at some point this season; of course, his severed artery, vein, nerve, two tendons and three muscles have to heal first.


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McDonald’s bag puts Brandon Marshall in the hospital

Strange injuries are nothing new to the world of sports, but Brandon Marshall found a way to give us something we’ve never seen before. The Broncos receiver needed surgery on his right arm and is expected to miss a majority of all offseason activities after wrasslin with some family members, slipping on a McDonald’s bag and crashing through his television.

I understand I’ve had my problems, but from what people are saying, they’re trying to twist this thing around to make me sound like some kind of bad guy,” Marshall said. “I don’t care what anyone says. I’m telling you what happened.” …

“We woke up early in the morning, probably 7 o’clock, to go jet skiing,” Marshall said. “There were probably 10 of us, maybe more. We got to horseplaying and I slipped on a McDonald’s bag. I went hand-first into an entertainment system and, in trying to bridge myself, I went through the TV.”

Marshall acknowledged earlier that he had slipped on a McDonald’s bag, but an NFL Network report Monday added details of his wrestling with family members. According to the report, Marshall severed an artery, a vein and a nerve in his right forearm, along with tendons to five muscles. The injury is expected to sideline him for several weeks, but Marshall said he expects to be ready for training camp in late July.

This might be the first time in the history of McDonald’s food that the effects are actually visible on the outside. We all know exactly what that crap can do to your insides and, frankly, we kinda think a severed artery is getting off easy compared to the hours of bubble-guts following a Big Mac!


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