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John Elway says Jay Cutler ain’t no John Elway

If Jay Cutler wants to be the next John Elway then he’s going about it all wrong. Personally, we enjoyed when Cutler threw Brandon Marshall under the bus, but Elway said on Wednesday that he would have done things a little differently.

If that’s what Jay feels like he needs to comment on, he needs to do that,” Elway said. “Personally, I would’ve done it to him. Even though I tried to settle things in the press, looking back over the years, it hasn’t been the right way to do it.”

“As a quarterback, you’ve got to take a leadership role,” Elway said. “Jay has that last year under his belt. I’m sure he feels a lot better where he’s going. They need someone to take over. That’s a good move on Jay’s part.

“Bottom line, there’s talk and there’s wins,” he said.

Elway can’t recall when he earned the trust and respect of his teammates. He said it just stemmed from winning games.

“You’ll feel them follow you,” he said. “There are different ways to lead — everyone has a different way. Jay will have his own personal way, too. It’s just a matter of when you gain the respect of those teammates. That’s when leadership comes. They respect what you’re doing.

Oh, it’s what you do that matters!! No wonder Matt Leinart can’t seem to get control of the Cardinals.


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