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Bill Walton and Shaq won’t be sending Valentines to each other this year

For as goofy and outlandish as Bill Walton is, the guy knows his basketball and on Sunday he weighed in on the Shaquille O’Neal trade. Now, normally, people don’t even pay attention to the Big Redhead – heck, we get the feeling his own partners in the studio tune him out for about half the show – but, not the Diesel. Nope, Shaq hears all.

He really can’t win in this situation,” Walton said of O’Neal. “Because what he did in Miami by saying, ‘I can’t play at all,’ and now it’s, ‘I’m going to win the championship (in Phoenix).’ That is just absolutely ludicrous. Shaq’s arrogance is an insult to people who think.

Wait, did somebody say insult?

O’Neal’s response: “Bill Walton has broken the Big Man Pecking Order Code — Ordinance 2257 — which means his resume isn’t quite good enough to speak on what I have done.

“One thing I hate is a hypocrite. So if I’m faking an injury, his whole injury-plagued career is a fake. Here’s a guy who only played one or two seasons injury-free, and now he’s talking about me being injured. So, one thing I really hate is a hypocrite.

In 16 years, Shaq has earned the right to say whatever he wants to whoever he wants, but we gotta side with the Dead Head on this one. Walton can’t even sniff Shaq’s jock when it comes to statistics and career accomplishments, but he’s got every right to say O’Neal was loafing in Miami… because it certainly appears that he WAS!

C’mon Shaq; you missed 17 games for a Miami squad that has a horrible record, but now you’re suddenly healthy enough to run with the Phoenix Suns?!?! And don’t try to give us that B.S. about the amazing attributes of the Suns training staff. Shaq has proven over and over and over again during his career that he hates to lose and he’s proven he’ll turn on anyone once the crap hits the fan. This is just the latest case. To say otherwise is simply an insult to people who think.


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Bill Walton goes overboard, again

HBO recently produced a documentary on the UCLA Bruins basketball team back in the day when John Wooden was roaming the sideline entitled “The U.C.L.A. Dynasty.” And you can’t even mention the letters UCLA without the Bill Walton chiming in with one of his overly enthusiastic and dramatically drawn out rants about the beauty and grace of the game. Well, would you expect anything less from the Big Red Head as he described his UCLA team in the early 1970’s in the movie?

That ball was put up to decide the fate of Western civilization. The game itself was a celebration of life — such a joyful explosion of youthful enthusiasm, just racing up and down this court, celebrating the dream and the vision, a harmonic convergence of the highest

Yea, OK, Bill; we think you might still be seeing colors and tracers from the typical ingestion of substances that goes along with thousands of Grateful Dead concerts. But, still, the guy is entertaining as hell once you can accept his shtick. Here’s a clip of Walton’s commentary from one of his more memorable games. Enjoy.


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