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Bill Walton goes overboard, again

HBO recently produced a documentary on the UCLA Bruins basketball team back in the day when John Wooden was roaming the sideline entitled “The U.C.L.A. Dynasty.” And you can’t even mention the letters UCLA without the Bill Walton chiming in with one of his overly enthusiastic and dramatically drawn out rants about the beauty and grace of the game. Well, would you expect anything less from the Big Red Head as he described his UCLA team in the early 1970’s in the movie?

That ball was put up to decide the fate of Western civilization. The game itself was a celebration of life — such a joyful explosion of youthful enthusiasm, just racing up and down this court, celebrating the dream and the vision, a harmonic convergence of the highest

Yea, OK, Bill; we think you might still be seeing colors and tracers from the typical ingestion of substances that goes along with thousands of Grateful Dead concerts. But, still, the guy is entertaining as hell once you can accept his shtick. Here’s a clip of Walton’s commentary from one of his more memorable games. Enjoy.


[NY Times]: Lights! Camera! But Where’s the Action at U.C.L.A.?

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Tongue in Cheek — I used to get totally annoyed by Bill, but then I realized it’s all a big joke. When the camera is on Bill instead of the game when he’s making one of his big pronouncements, you can see that he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s practically laughing about it.

i like Walton too — and I practically hate every announcer in sports. He’s got a very dry sense of humor and is really funny.

I still can’t stand his kid though.

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