Detroit Tigers

Odds and Ends: Damn, baby, what did you do to your logo?!

There are so many horrible logos in the world of sports that we could probably establish an entire hall of shame for the goofy designs. But that would take more effort to create than actually went into the logos themselves and that just doesn’t seem right to us. Luckily, we can eliminate about 4,000 disasters right off the bat because the fellas over at came up with The Top 10 Worst Sports Logos.

10. New York Jets (2002-present)

9. Portland Trail Blazers (Too long)

8. Boston Red Sox (1950-1959)

7. Cleveland Browns (1950-1959)

6. New York Islanders (1995-1997)

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976-1996)

4. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

3. Chicago Cubs (1916)

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1996)

1. Detroit Tigers (1927-1928)

We’d also like to submit the new Tampa Bay logo for consideration.

In other news…

[The Victoria Times]: “Hey, we’re not fat! We’re just big boned!”

[Cousins of Ron Mexico]: Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a big mofo! Scratch that, it’s just Big Mo’.

[East Coast Bias]: Greatest tennis match ever? Hell yeah, it was!

[Mr. Irrelevant]: John McEnroe agrees with us, but we didn’t get to hug Roger Federer

[]: Dude, shut the hell up!

[Bleacher Report]: Sorry, but there’s no love for the 1985-88 Miami Hurricanes football team

[Lion in Oil]: It’s still not too late to win an opportunity to make Adam Morrison cry

[]: Melvin Guillard must not get paid by the hour

[]: First, a man gets pregnant and now this

[]: Shhhh, Shaq’s sleeping

And finally, Tiger Woods introduced the world to Cablinasians. Unfortunately, Blasians wound up with this spaz.

Detroit Tigers

The Full Count: The Tigers looked grrr-eat!

1. Statement Win: The Tigers’ win on Monday gave them a series win over the Yankees as well as some confidence. They crushed New York 16-0, scoring runs in each of the first five innings. The Tigers had seven players with multi-hit games and 20 hits overall in the rout. Brandon Inge had four RBIs, while Curtis Granderson and Placido Polanco each had two runs and two RBIs. The Tigers’ pitching was excellent too, as Justin Verlander shut down the majors’ highest-scoring team. Verlander went seven innings, giving up three hits and no runs, in what was his best start since June. Despite the win the Tigers are still 2.5 games back of the Indians, who beat the Twins 8-3. However, that could change quickly, as the Tigers have some momentum going into nine straight games against losing teams. The Yankees, who are now 8 games behind Boston, start a three-game set with the Red Sox on Tuesday.

2. Closing the Gap: Jake Peavy helped the Padres narrow the gap with the Diamondbacks as the teams began a four-game set. The Padres drew within two games of Arizona after their 3-1 victory. Peavy threw 7 innings, allowing three hits and one run and striking out 11. He picked up his 15th win of the season, tying Tim Hudson for the NL lead. Peavy also neared 200 strikeouts on the season (197) and lowered his ERA to 2.18. The Padres have an enormously important stretch of games over the next two weeks. They will face the Diamondbacks six more times, in addition to six games with the Dodgers and three with the Rockies.

3. You’re fired: Two years removed from back-to-back NLCS appearances, Astros manager Phil Garner and GM Tim Purpura were fired on Monday. Garner, who posted a 277-252 record in four years with Houston, will be replaced by Cecil Cooper as skipper. The 58-73 Astros are in last place despite playing in the league’s worst division. The team made the World Series in 2005, then sputtered to an 82-80 record last season. Cooper, a former five-time All Star with the Brewers, has managerial experience in AAA but not in the majors. The decision to fire Garner is certainly questionable (is he really responsible for the team not being able to hit?). However, when you’re in last place, any kind of change is good.

Player of the Day: John Lackey, Angels: 9 innings, no runs, five strikeouts in a 6-0 win over Seattle. Lackey has posted back-to-back shutouts his last two starts against the Mariners.

Detroit Tigers

Is everyone having a threesome?

OK, this has barely anything to do with sports news but in an interview with Penthouse, the Tigers Dmitri Young had this to say when asked, “You’re a switch hitter. Do you look for the same quality in your women?”

Not for a main squeeze. But, you know, for life’s little fun moments.

Now, it’s no surpise that athletes are getting their share of women but it seems that threesomes are everywhere (like E getting Sloan and the hot blonde into bed on Entourage) but nobody we know actually has ever had one. So, we have to wonder whether it’s just a cruel joke.

With no segue whatsoever, we bring you one of our favorite lines from Office Space.

Peter Gibbons: What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Lawrence: I’ll tell you what I’d do, man, two chicks at the same time, man.
Peter Gibbons: That’s it? If you had a million dollars, you’d do two chicks at the same time?
Lawrence: Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. And I think if I had a million dollars I could hook that up, cause chicks dig a dude with money.
Peter Gibbons: Well, not all chicks.
Lawrence: Well the kind of chicks that’d double up on a dude like me do.
Peter Gibbons: Good point.

[Detroit Free Press]: The Tigers’ Dmitri Young is in the ‘House

Detroit Tigers

Tiger on the lam

choke artist

An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for Tigers DH Dmitri Young. Young failed to show up for a pre-trial hearing on a domestic violence charge where he is accused of choking a 21-year-old woman in Toledo. Young’s lawyer claimed he had a medical emergency and was out of state but the judge demanded proof from a legitimate medical facility.

Young was placed on the 15 day DL on 5/22. The Tigers said that the warrant would not affect Young’s status with the club and added “cause we’re in first place, bitch!”. That last part was made up…

Dmitri is the older brother of Delmon Young, a Tampa Bay prospect who was suspended 50 games for throwing a bat at an umpire. The Young family must be very proud.

[Detroit Free Press]: Young, attorney no-shows at hearing; judge wants explanation