And the No. 1 reason to win the Masters…So you get to go see uncle Dave!

Winning the Masters is a dream of any hacker who has ever gripped a stick. On Sunday, Trevor Immelman’s dream came true. Then on Monday, he used his 15 minutes to visit David Letterman and rub it in everyone’s faces with a self-deprecating Top Ten List. C’mon Tiger, say you’re not jealous.

“Ways Trevor Immelman’s Life Has Changed Since Winning the Masters.”

10. I’ve been elevated from “Unknown” to “Obscure.”

9. “Thanks to the prize money, I no longer have to buy generic root beer”

8. “Suddenly I don’t look so foolish for trademarking ‘Immelmania'”

7. “I’m BFF’s with Lauren and Heidi from ‘The Hills'”

6. President Bush called to congratulate me on winning Wimbledon.

5. When my caddy recommends a club I can say, “Excuse me, how many Masters have you won?”

4. “Invited to Masters Winners Week on ‘Jeopardy'”

3. “I get a lifetime supply of them little pencils”

2. “Guess who’s playing 36 holes with the Pope this weekend?”

1. Get to put my arm around Tiger Woods and say, “Maybe next year.”


[]: Top Ten Ways Trevor Immelman’s Life Has Changed Since Winning The Masters

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