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Stephen Jackson picks right back up where he left off, making a fool of himself

We know that pro athletes are notorious for using their bodies as canvases. So, it’s really not all that surprising to hear that Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors got a new tattoo over the summer. However, it is pretty shocking to hear what Jackson decided to get.

Stephen Jackson reported to the Golden State Warriors’ training camp Monday with a new tattoo covering much of his chest. With a church window as the background, two praying hands are inked on his sternum — and they’re holding a gun.

Yes, this is the same Stephen Jackson who will miss the Warriors’ first seven games under NBA suspension for pleading guilty to a felony charge of criminal recklessness after firing an awfully similar gun into the air at an Indianapolis strip club.

“I pray I never have to use it again,” Jackson said in explanation.

Jackson’s incredible audacity under the tattoo needle is stunning even to his teammates, who seem to be in a frantic competition to cover their entire bodies in ink.

“I can’t believe that one,” said Al Harrington, who redecorated his arms and back. “I thought I was crazy.”

But Jackson’s fearlessness is exactly why the Warriors love him — and basketball’s favorite playoff underdogs need a big season from the swingman now that Jason Richardson has departed along with the Warriors’ element of surprise.

“We’re going to have a full season together, and all the nonsense is behind me,” said Jackson, perhaps also referring to his unfinished full back tattoo of the jack of diamonds — with himself as the jack. “All my probation stuff is behind me. I don’t have to worry about flying back and forth to court this year, so it’s all positive. I’m ready to roll.

Wow, praying hands with a gun for a guy guilty on gun charges. We’re with Al on this one; you’re looney man. At least the ink on his back is pretty accurate. Jackson is definitely a jack-something; we just didn’t have jack of diamonds in mind.


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