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Video of Tony Parker shooting and scoring with Eva Longoria hits the web

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria aren’t even six months removed from their holy union, but that doesn’t mean that the consummation cam isn’t watching.

Rumors are flying that the Spurs point guard and the Desperate Housewives bombshell are starring in a movie together; unfortunately it’s not the kind that you hold a premier for in Hollywood. Yup, supposedly the duo were captured in the act and the video has made its way to the web.

Listen, The Sun, we’re trusting you on this one. You’d better not be messing with us.

Rumors have been rife on the web that the saucy video exists and contains intimate scenes featuring the Desperate Housewives beauty and her NBA star hubby Tony Parker.

If the tape is genuine, it is tipped to become the biggest sex tape unearthed since Paris Hilton’s One Night In Paris.

Latest reports from the States suggest the video HAS made its way online, but only on paid for sites.

As exciting as this news is for the male population of the planet, we really have no idea why celebrities feel the need to tape themselves. After all, if you tape it, it will be leaked. We can understand why some tramp like Hilton or Kim Kardashian would do it, they want the exposure. But we’re talking about Eva friggin’ Longoria here; she doesn’t need this. Anyways, she should have learned her lesson from Tony about how shooting a video can turn you into a laughingstock.


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