The Chinese go hi-tech to keep it from raining on the Olympics’ parade

There’s nothing worse than having a major sporting event canceled or postponed because of the stupid weather. And with the 2008 Olympics quickly approaching, nobody wants to see Beijing become a wet mess when the world is watching. So, Chinese weathermen are planning to shoot rockets into the sky in hopes of blowing up rain clouds. No, seriously.

Zheng Guoguang is Mr. Meteorology when it comes to China and he said that tests are ready to get underway for the weather altering experiments. It seems that, there’s some data showing that there is a 50/50 chance for rain during the opening and closing ceremonies and this summer marks the final chance to test the theory under conditions similar to those expected when the games kick off. And you thought that rockets were just used to bring about destruction. Nope, sounds like they can be used to bring sunshine to the world as well.

Now, we don’t know about you, but this is all a bit farfetched for us to wrap our heads around. Honestly, it sounds like a great idea, but, then again, it also seems like some crazy scheme concocted by Dr. Evil or Mr. Burns. But if this technology can someday keep us from having to waste five days on a single tennis match, like we did with Rafael Nadal and Robin Soderling at Wimbledon a few weeks back, then we’re all for it.


[]: China hopes to use rockets to keep Olympics dry

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