Nut shots! Get your nut shots here!

We’re just like anyone else; we absolutely love when dudes get nailed in the package. And advertising agencies across the globe are really starting to cash in on this fact. The other day we showed you a Rolling Rock commercial in which an entire ballpark of crotches got smashed by one vindictive ball. We were more than satisfied to have that clip in our back pocket for whenever we got the itchin’ for a juvenile chuckle, but we’re really in heaven now that we’ve stumbled across this nut smashing good ad.

But as funny as those commercials are to us, nothing beats the real thing. You just can’t imitate the sudden rush of pain that comes with a real live racking. Especially when the racking is robotic!

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yes — usually when i wear my pink kimono i wear a matching cod piece but it was against the rules for this show.

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