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Don’t worry, Mr. McMahon is still alive and kickin’

Who looks silly now?

We’ve always known that pro wrasslin’ fans were a little sick in the head. Hell, we’re WWE fans so we have first hand knowledge of just exactly how mentally twisted you have be to enjoy that stuff. But having a socially impairing addiction like an unusual attraction to a weekly two hour spandexfest is no excuse for being as gullible as Isiah Thomas.

WWE fans were in an uproar on Tuesday after Monday Night RAW concluded with an increasingly delusional Vince McMahon climbing into his limo which immediately exploded into a fiery cloud. Apparently those idiotic diehards who refuse to believe that these shows are scripted actually believed that the president of the billion dollar entity known as WWE had died in the “accident.” What freaking fools! Anyone who watches RAW, Smackdown or ECW with any sort of regularity knew this was a twist on the “self destruction of Mr. McMahon” storyline.

And even if you are stupid enough to believe that Vince’s limo would simply spontaneously combust when he shut the door, do you really think that there would be cameras strategically placed all around the carnage to catch every second of the pyrotechnic display? Good grief!

Why is it that wrestling is always getting dissed as the most obvious case of horrible acting on the planet 364 days out of the year, but then, the one day when something so incredibly cinematically scripted happens, everyone suddenly believes that they’re watching a slice of reality?

What’s next? Are you going to try and tell us that Owen Hart is really dead too?


[]: Vince McMahon’s hoax goes up in smoke

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And now a quick word from… — Proof there are morons out there…here’s some of the coments left…

This one is from a chap called “gator”

June 13, 2007 at 11:57 AM

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OHHHHHHH MI GAAAAAAWD!!! He has 2 b SOOOOO dead from that!!! How can he B alyve?!? You SAW him get into da car, for pete’s sake! All u non-bileevers can just join Vincent Kennedy McMahon in leaving dis planet.

This one is from…well…

June 13, 2007 at 11:54 AM

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Look – he has to be dead. The evidence – and FLAWLESS LOGIC -points to it. Blown up limo No Vince sitings since WWE flag at half mast 10 bell salute last night on ECW Lots of potential suspects I bet Stone Cold is sad. His last words to Vince were not very nice. He would probably take them back if he could.

That’s right kids…FLAWLESS LOGIC!!! Flawless logic also tells us they did a pretty good job of splicing the video. Oh man, the crack pipe is very strong at the WWE isn’t it?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon — Oh man that was just horrible what happened to VKM Mondaynight but I’m just not sure if I am ready to believe
it or not. Because WWE has been known to fake some deaths
for example when Orton put Taker in the casket and then burned it.

I don’t think so — I checked every reputable news source and none of them mention this guy’s death.  One would think that his death would make national news.   However, CNN, NY Times, Newsweek, Time, etc, so seem to mention it.

Why do you think that is?

Maybe it never happened?

Why also does the WWE Corp site not mention this?

Clear enough?

Where’s McMahon? — He is where he should be; enjoying his daily life, as usual.  If he were dead, at least a piece of his body would have been recovered: everyday our soldiers in Iraq get blasted and do you think their bodies disappear?


Mr McMahon dead! — don’t b stupid. Mr McMahon is dead as you can’t just step in a limo and get out the other side in the matter of seconds it took for the limo to blow up. you seen it. the back was completly engulfed with flames

Not dead — no one could lie about SmACKDOWN AND ECW and all the wrestlers are crying. IT,S NOT FAKE. Wrestling is fake but not that.

Mickie James

WWE diva

He’s dead — I am wwe diva Mickie James and here to tell you that mr mcmahon’s limo explosion is real. He is dead. all the wrestlers are mourning like crazy and you sit back and write these stupid comments that he’s not. He is dead.

hi — the McMAHON FAMILY haven’t this broadcasted on the media cos they want peace to find out what happened to vince.

Vince’s "death" — [quote]Are you going to try and tell us that Owen Hart is really dead too?[/quote]

Don’t joke about that. Owen IS dead. Unlike Vince’s "death"–which was (ironically) only mentioned around WWE & its affiliated sites–where the cameras were clearly set up and the "explosion" was noticably timed so the pyro that was to "blow up" the limo set off correctly (and that WWE has being known to pull stuff like this before, most notably with Undertaker’s gimmick), Owen–when he died (or likewise, Eddie Guerrero)–didn’t have the spotlight on him, was mentioned in every peice of news media (even though Vince hates the news media), and was given a full ten-bell salute (whereas Vince only received a five bell salute, because of the fans’ knowing this angle to be just that…a fake angle to raise attention to the business after so many years of sucky ratings).

What the hell — Dude, wwe Raw is a taped show, why would they show Mr. McMahon dieing?? this is rediculious, why simply do now allow real death to be televised, this is a fact (exept radical extreemist channels out there..)

Its a very good story line nothing more and i for one like it. Its showing once again that wwe is the high of the business and its gona stay that way, im just glad they stoped backin off to let the popularity of TNA and ROH build.

and well, one day i hope people will learn to understand phony “Mickey James” commented posts and take the piss out of the person trying to pose as one diva with the really nice ass.

thank you very much
yours sincerely

Adam Pearce

WWE Raw – Superstar – John Cena — Mr McMahon is indeed dead, after a tragic limo explosing which lid the sky with fire and smoke. They are still investigating and will soon find the cause.

WWE Support

Vinces Death — If you watch wrestling alot you know how memorialize there deaths the black bands, the history of them, at the start of each show all the wrestlers come out and ring the bell. If Mr. McMahon is really dead why did not have a memorial for him?

Vinces Death — part 2 also another key point Mr. McMahon never opens his own car door, he always yells at his driver to open the door because that is what he pays him to do.

not dead — this is a bunch of bs i doubt that VKM is dead. they haven’t even found a body part. he’ll be back on in a few months you’ll see.

the casket match — have you seen a casket match when they put them in a casket and then they light it on fire. i think it was a match undertaker and kane. then the win push the casket up the ramp and lite it on fire.  

noy dead proof — if you want the truth hear it is. Anyone who thinks hes dead is a moron and heres why.  There has been no funeral, and noithing on the national news…..but heres the real heartbreaker for all of you ass clown believers….call the local police station, all those fire trucks never really showed, they taped a fake the night before…..but hey gullible people make me money

mickie james…… nobody cares — why did the local cops and fire dept. say it never happened then, and ohh yah the feds aren’t investigating.  And local events like that never get federal attention, trust me it use to be my job.

mr. mcmahon — if you go back and watch the footage, you can clearly see that after he gets in you see his foot lift up and then put back down. if i had to guess, the foot that was put back down was probably a fake just to give him enough time to sneak out of the other door.

what a load of rubish — course hes still alive …..jeez when the car blew up the camara man didnt even jump fgs! if a car blew up in front of me id crap meself with fright!…his leg disapered and a plastic one was put in its place . i firmly belive its all a set up.

what the hell — because hes not dead, and on raw stephonie said basicaly there gona get the guy who did this, this reminds me ov the austin who done it story line when he got run over, these guys are probily just bored

what the hell — because hes not dead, and on raw stephonie said basicaly there gona get the guy who did this, this reminds me ov the austin who done it story line when he got run over, these guys are probily just bored

IS HE DEAD — is he really dead or what because he was the best out of all of them this is kevin ellis well got to go so write back byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

HE IS ALIVE — For thos people who belive that he is dead if  you watch the futedge again you will see that he is geting into his car and you see his foot going in and out that means that a facke leg was poot outside and Mr. Machmon got into a stupid bunker or he could exit through the flor and into a shaft under the limo. how in hte hell can car burn so evenly that woold never happen the car burns off the gas tank and what is clouse and is combustibol, The engine is not combustebol! This is fake people i am a fucking kritick in my nature and i have a nage for this things.

Undeniable proof that he is not dead. — I don’t think wrestling is stupid but I do think the Fans can be, to any 1 who STILL think he’s dead read this:

1. On wikipedia He’s not listed as dead. Where as Chris
Benoit Is (R.I.P).

  1. It would have been on the News.
  2. There’s an article on the Internet stating it was staged.

  3. and for all those people who still think its real: WATCH MONDAY NIGHT RAW 26.06.2007 (Tribute to Chris Benoit) and Mr Mcmahon will tell you himself he’s not DEAD!!!

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