This wasn’t the publicity that MLS had in mind when signing Beckham

Various newspapers around the football world (so virtually everywhere but the U.S.) are reporting that David Beckham might be regretting his decision to join the LA Galaxy for five years and $250M.

He will win his 96th cap in the European Championship qualifier against Estonia in Tallinn on Wednesday — a game England must win to re-establish their chances of reaching the Euro 2008 — before returning to Spain to try to clinch his first league title with Real.

But after the success of his comeback, when he laid on England’s goal by John Terry, he believes he may have made a mistake in switching to the low standard played in America, particularly if he is to make a swansong appearance at Euro 2008.

This is probably just sportswriter speculation (aka pulling a story out of you ass) but it certainly can’t be pleasing to MLS and LA Galaxy officials who are basically betting the future of the league on Beckham.  While there has been plenty of press on the Beckham effect — sponsorship of MLS is up and ticket sales for Beckham games home and away are through the roof — the implication that he is simply slumming it in a minor league for the cash isn’t helping the MLS break through to become a major sport in America.

We hope that Beckham’s MLS contract is iron clad because if he bails and finds a way to buy his way out of it, MLS might  as well just fold up tent and start selling assets on ebay.

[Daily Mail UK]: Beckham fears he has made a huge mistake with Galaxy deal

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3 replies on “This wasn’t the publicity that MLS had in mind when signing Beckham”

comment — Good thing they completely rearranged the schedule to maximize his exposure. No way his wife lets him out of this deal though.

Becks — Let the record show I reported that Beckham has dipped into the Fountain of Youth before that game against Brazil when he was probably the best player England had on the field (not only did he set up the goal, he was involved in just about every meaningful chance they had).

Honestly, I think this is speculation.  Beckham will come to MLS and dominate.  He will continue to play for England internationally because quite frankly they found out that life without him isn’t very good.  

The Writer’s Right…. — The MLS is a third-rate league, and that’s being nice about it.

America isn’t a soccer country, nor will it ever be. The MLS should just save a ton of time and just fold.

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