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The NHL says no to Al-Jazeera

Every time someone mentions Al-Jazeera, we can’t help but think about Mike Wise from the Washington Post’s great line about ESPN evolving into the “Al-Jazeera for Athletes.” Well, it turns out that while ESPN is covering the NHL Finals (barely), Al-Jazeera was denied press credentials.  Who knew the NHL had these kind of standards.

From Rink Side:

Given the paucity of non-aligned (i.e. Southern California) newspapers from the States covering the final between the Anaheim Ducks and Ottawa Senators — the Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, both Denver papers, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, New York Daily News and the Buffalo News have been spotted through three games — you might have thought the NHL would have been happy to reach a, hmmm, really non-traditional hockey market, but, alas, that didn’t happen. Why Al-Jazeera saw the news value in something that, say, the Detroit News apparently hasn’t is for deeper thinkers than me.

At least if Al-Jazeera actually could cover the NHL Finals, we’d know where to find it.

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