Sergio Garcia can’t putt but he can hit the bottom of the cup

Tiger Woods wins another trophy at Doral but the buzz around the blogosphere is about Sergio Garcia spitting into the cup after missing a short putt. This shows not only the dominance of Tiger but also the lack of class of Sergio. Who the hell spits into a cup after missing a par putt? Not even the neanderthals wearing jeans and wifebeaters who play the public courses we go to do this.

When asked about it, Sergio said that he made sure it went through the hole at the bottom of the cup so that the next person to drain a putt wouldn’t have to clean his spit off the ball. Right. I’m sure that’s exactly what’s on his mind as he’s hocking a loogie into the cup. Klassy.



By Vin

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2 replies on “Sergio Garcia can’t putt but he can hit the bottom of the cup”

this isn’t NASCAR — Golf is very genteel and upper crust (stuffy) so you can’t go around doing shit like this.

Also, no one wants to touch your spit. Unless he hits it flush down the center hole, some spit is gonna get on the ball of the next person to put in.

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