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Correctly picked the Final Four this year? New York Times says BFD

You know that annoying guy in your office or the blogger who is flexing his muscles this morning because he correctly picked all four teams in the Final Four? Show them this little article from the New York Times.

Last year, of the 3.1 million entries in the ESPN bracket pool, only 4 people had the correct Final Four teams, this year, with 3.3 million entries, 161,869 have it right. (Roughly the same number of people as had sex with Paris Hilton.) Picking last year’s Final Four was either genius or stupidity. Picking this year’s Final Four is just boring.

So when someone brags today about their awesome picking prowess, just tell them so did your grandmother. (We’re a little bitter this morning because there is no way Florida should have covered 7 points against the Ducks. The end of the game was absolutely fixed for points. Damn you Adam Zahn, damn you to hell. )

[NY Times]: So You Picked the Final Four? Join the Club

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