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Going to get a beer every time Bonds is at bat

CBP during Barry’s 715th homer

A few years ago, figuring out when Bonds was going to hit another 2 to 3 homers was pretty easy — just give him about a week. Well, he’s now 2 away from tying Ruth’s record and 3 from breaking it, and there’s a 3 game series at Philly over the weekend. He could do it in Philly or it could take him the rest of this month to jack up another 3. But unless he’s in the friendly confines or Willie Mays Park, there’s no telling the reaction he’ll get.

Philly is probably the last place you’d want to break the record if you were Bonds. Not only would you not get any cheers, you’d get roundly booed. Or, if some people get their way, you could hear a pin drop. Yes, some folks are saying that every time Bonds gets up to bat, the entire stadium should make a concession run. Theoretically, you’d have to start the mass exodus during Steve Finley’s at-bat. But you’re smart folks, you’ll figure it out.

If you truly think Bonds cheated and he doesn’t deserve to beat Ruth on the home run list, a deafening silence is more effective than any vitriol you can hurl Barry’s way. Hell, Barry loves being hated. If the stands were completely empty, Barry just might just curl up in a fetal position and cry. And that makes this potentially the most brilliant idea ever in protest. It would certainly make history.

Or, alternately, just start throwing feces onto the field.

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Silence is golden — I agree, that silence or a collective “ehh” is the best thing for those not happy with Bonds catching Ruth. A beer run or a pee break is the best thing to do. “Oh, Bonds passed the Babe? Must’ve missed it, I was in the can.”

I was watching “Bonds on Bonds” and they played an audio clip of John Miller (the Giants’ radio announcer and ESPN broadcaster) calling Barry’s 710th career homer. Anyone who listens to Miller knows he gets pretty excited on a home run call, but this call sounded as if he were sitting in the waiting room for a prostate exam. I believe the fans have spoken.

Going to get a beer.. — “Bonds on Bonds?” Is that anything like “Max on Max” on Conan?

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