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Odds and Ends for Thurs May 5 2006: Tanith Belbin is still hot


Tanith Belbin was about the only reason to watch the Olympics this year since all the media whores like Bode Miller and Johnny Weir ended up doing squat. Tanith at least took home the silver medal and looked good doing it. Why is this even news in May? We don’t know. But we do know that from this ESPN interview, Dave Matthews would have to be nuts not to be calling the Skating with Celebrities producers right now. That, and she’s a Killian’s Irish Red kinda girl. Fine, this entry just an excuse to express our love for Tanith.

In other news…

[]: You know how Vice President of Player personnel for the Vikings lied on his resume, had a terrible draft, and then got fired? Well, he is suing the Vikings for wrongful termination. What else would he had have to have done for it to be a rightful termination? Use a sex toy on a stripper on a boat cruise? Wait…

[High and Tight]: We see your Mike Lupica and we raise you Stephen A Smith

[The Senturion]: See.. we told you they knew how to talk trash in Canada.

[Left at the Gate]: This guy knows more than us about the Derby so we’ll use his picks… as soon as we can decipher them.

[Vancouver Canucks Op Ed]: This is disturbing on so many levels.

[Mainichi Daily News]: Speaking of disturbing… who asked for this?

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Yes — I agree.  Why has she not been nominated or why is she not already on the list?

What is this injustice?

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