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Duke lacrosse scandal update: bad luck or no imagination?

The dancer who accused the three Duke lacrosse players had previously accused 3 other men of rape 10 years ago but then backed off her story and the case was never pursued.

The woman’s father said Thursday his daughter was not raped in the 1996 incident.

The father said his daughter was held against her will by a group of men who had picked her up from school in Durham and drove her to Creedmoor. She was not sexually assaulted or injured in the encounter, he said, and she was returned home safely the same day.

This revelation, of course, has the Duke lax lawyers in full shark mode.

It certainly raises substantial questions about this woman’s credibility,” Cheshire said. “It’s awfully bothersome when both allegations of rape include three men. It gives one a lot of pause about her credibility. … This is a train off the track.

Like we said before, this is like a heavyweight title bout. This round goes to the lacrosse lawyers.

[News & Observer]: The woman who says she was raped by three Duke lacrose players had a previous case
[MSNBC]: Duke accuser alleged rape 13 years ago

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