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MLB Power Rankings Roundup for Apr 28 2006

Everyone agrees that the White Sox are the best team in baseball. That is, except TSN who have the Tigers in the #1 slot. Since this isn’t a joke, we have to wonder what they’re thinking. Although last week, they were the only people to have the Reds in the top 10. This week, the rest of the crew is catching up and the Reds have moved up in most power rankings after leading the league in offense.

Rank Sportscolumn ESPN FoxSports Sportsline USA Today
1 White Sox White Sox White Sox White Sox White Sox Tigers
2 Astros Cardinals Red Sox Red Sox Mets White Sox
3 Red Sox Mets Mets Cardinals Astros Mets
4 Mets Indians Cardinals Astros Red Sox Astros
5 Cardinals Astros Yankees Mets Cardinals Cubs
6 Reds Yankees Tigers Angels Yankees Reds
7 Yankees Blue Jays Blue Jays Yankees Indians Red Sox
8 Cubs Red Sox Astros Giants Tigers Cardinals
9 Angels Angels Cubs Indians Blue Jays Yankees
10 Giants Reds Reds Braves Angels Blue Jays
11-30 more more more more more more

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