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Tom Coughlin is second only to Hitler

You know, no matter what the context is, you should probably never mention having characteristics in common with Hitler. Ever. Here’s Coughlin responding to a question about being bashed by the media:

I hear some of it and I see it. You know (VP of communications Pat) Hanlon tells me about it, what’s going on. Hitler and then me, in that order. Unfortunate, but it is.

So Colonel Tom is trying to make a point that he’s almost as hated as Adolf Hitler. Probably not the best of ideas. Unless you’re Mel Gibson’s dad, you know that Hitler killed millions of innocent people. Coughlin, on the other hand, is a football coach. Please. Listen Tom, it’s true, you’re a tool and people hate you but nowhere near second antichrist. You probably rank somewhere between that Sanjaya kid from American Idol and Curt Schilling on the hate scale.

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