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Around the Rim: The Big Ticket punches out early

1. Could KG be moving on? Kevin Garnett’s season is probably over after injuring his right quadriceps. The former MVP could be done with his Timberwolves club for good if Minnesota can parlay this move into few extra loses and a possible shot at a high draft pick. With only five games left on the […]

Kevin Durant might not want to play for the Celtics

First there were rumors that Greg Oden might not come out of college after this season, now Kevin Durant’s father is saying he might be back at Texas next year. What is it about playing for Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge that has the #1 and #2 picks so worried? Could it be that 18 […]

Around the Rim: Greg O-Done?

1. With the First Selection A lot of the draft talk has been about Greg Oden, and deservedly so. Oden will be an immediate blessing to any team that is coming off a lottery level season. But before anyone starts dropping games in order to pick up ping-pong balls for Oden’s rights, they should be […]

2006 NBA Draft recaps

You want your NBA Draft reaction? We got your red hot NBA Draft reaction right here! First, we’ll do a little self promoting and pimp Trevor Freeman’s Breaking Down the NBA Draft. A unique take on the 2006 draft that’s pretty damn funny and informative. After that, here are some reactions from around the web/blogosphere, […]


Raptors win draft lottery… Knicks don’t take 2nd

Thank you Isiah! The Raptors went into the lottery with only an 8.8% to take the top spot and got it.  Meanwhile, the Knicks went into the lottery with the 2nd worst record in the league but ended up with the second pick… but whoops, they traded that pick to Chicago for Eddy Curry. Oh, […]

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