Being a soccer fan finally pays off

More useful than a FOP
window sticker

Sometimes rooting for the right team is a matter of life and death. (Or as we keep telling Raiders fans a matter of being employed or not.) A British guy named Tony Restall working in Yemen was ambushed by Arab fundamentalists and most likely would have been taken hostage if not for his choice of futbol team, the Portsmouth FC.

The would be kidnappers spotted a Portsmouth FC sticker on his car with their crescent and start logo and thought he was a practicing Muslim.

The tribesmen descended upon me like a pack of wolves. They had bloodshot eyes and I was terrified they would kill me.

But they spotted my Portsmouth FC sticker and the mood changed. They thought I was Muslim as the star and moon are Muslim symbols. I was able to convince them that, although I was Western, I was helping Muslims in the area.

How lucky is he that his team isn’t Parma A.C.

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