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Are groin injuries up this year?

Is it just me or have groin injuries been on the increase this year? The latest victim is Tom Brady, who might have sustained a groin injury in Denver. In Indy, Jermaine O’Neal was lost for at least 8 weeks with a torn left groin. Meanwhile, Peter Forsberg was shelved again with his second groin injury of the season. I’m pretty sure no one keeps track of these statistics but groin injuries are definitely up in the NHL. Hell, even Michele Kwan got hit with one and she doesn’t even hit. We really need Sam Malone back to do sports.

Time to rap about a controversy / Gonna take a stand, won’t show no mercy / Lotta folks says jocks shouldn’t be / Doing the sports news on TV / I don’t wanna hear the latest scores / From a bunch broadcast school boys / So get your scores from a guy like me / Who knows what it’s like to have a groin injury. G-g-groin, g-g-groin injury.

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Nightly blog roundup for Jan 30: Shipoopi!

When the New England Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl, they tend to break out into song and dance so gay that Clay Aiken said, “damn, that’s gay!” Shipooopi!

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[Setshot]: useless knowledge – how to pose for a team photo

[Detroit Bad Boys]: Sewer backs up at the Palace

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Adrian Balboa is dead

Crappin’ Geritol

The Philly Inquirer had some plot details from Rocky VI aka Rocky Balboa: Adrian is dead, Rocky owns a restaurant in South Philly, his son is a yuppie in Center City, and ESPN instigates the movie’s fight by doing a computer simulation between Rocky and the current heavyweight champion. Rocky signs up for the real thing and away we go.

Stallone is shooting three endings but he says that Rocky won’t go the way of Apollo Creed and croak in the ring.

[]: Plot Details of Rocky Balboa
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We Love Adriana Lima

Is there anybody who doesn’t love Adriana Lima? Women may gush over how beautiful Heidi Klum is but every single guy I know always names Adriana as their favorite Victoria’s Secret model. She’s Brazilian and of French, Portugese, Native-American, and Caribbean descent. I’m not sure what that all means except she’s too hot for you.

Maxim named her #57 in their top 100, which leads me to believe the guys at Maxim are insane. I am pretty sure you can’t find 56 women hotter than her.

Oh, and check out this Adriana Lima shocker.

Thanks to JDWC for the suggestion.

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GQ’s Ten Most Hated Athletes

I love top 10 lists. (Except when they are accompanied by unfunny commentary from D list celebs and comedians…ahem…VH1.) In February’s GQ, they list the top 10 most hated athletes by their peers. Here’s the list. My comments in italics.

10. Lleyton Hewitt “Hewitt is disliked by every other player on the international circuit.”

9. A. J. Pierzynski “Pierzynski, crouched behind the plate, took a pitch to the groin. Rushing to his aid, trainer Stan Conte asked him how he felt. “Like this!” Pierzynski grunted, then savagely kneed Conte in the balls.”

8. Phil Mickelson “Phil Mickelson literally has no friends out there. He annoys everybody.”

7. Bonzi Wells “He was fined for bad-mouthing his own fans in Sports Illustrated.”

6. Michael Iaconelli I’m sorry, bass fishing? I thought this was a list of athletes.

5. Kobe Bryant I’ll take the rapists for $200, Alex

4. Curt Schilling The biggest blowhard in all of sports.

3. Kurt Busch He told NASCAR to lick his salty balls. Yeah, and?

2. Barry Bonds Biggest dick in baseball

1. Terrell Owens Interesting that the magazine that just did a feature story on TO makes him the #1 most hated athlete.

[]: The Ten Most Hated Athletes

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Kobe says: Where was the Pre-Coital Contract when I needed it?

Remember when they ruined college by saying that you needed to request permission for trying to scam on a girl? (“May I touch you here?”, “I will kiss you now.”, “Yes, that’s all there is.”) Hell, scamming on a girl in college is part of life.  That’s why they call it ‘the old college try’ (I think).

Well, they are ruining sex again by having a pre-coital contract so that athletes such as Michael Irvin and Erik Williams, and Kobe don’t get in any more trouble.  The contract basically states that both parties agree to consensual sex, that no one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that there will be no change of heart once festivities commence.  It would also state what sexual acts each partner is willing to perform.  It is unclear whether there is an R. Kelly clause.

[Uptowngirl]: Pre-Coital Contracts?

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We Love Eva Mendes

It’s been a while since we added any Women We Love.  I know you guys are sick of seeing the same women over and over so expect some fresh faces.  First to be added this year is Eva Mendes.  I’m not exactly sure why we love her, she hasn’t been in any decent movies, yet, she’s the only decent part of her movies.  I even watched Hitch with the very unfunny Kevin James because she’s in it.  I’ll shut up now as you’re undoubtedly just staring at the picture.

Please, if you can do a better job of describing why we love Eva, post a comment because I’m sure I’m not doing her justice.

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Welcome to the Sportscolumn Blog is happy to announce a new part of the site: Sportscolumn blog. SC Blog is for all the hot topics and offbeat news from the sports world. We’ll give you the important news as it happens and we’ll give you the quick take on it. It’s basically Sportscolumn for those with attention deficit disorder.

If you have a story you want to see on the blog, you can submit it or just email us a tip.

Please let us know what you think.

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AP Athletes of the Year: Lance Armstrong and Annika Sorenstam

Lance Armstrong wins the award for the 4th straight year and Sorenstam wins it for the third year in a row. You’d think the AP could come up with something new after 4 years. Other athletes getting votes: Reggie Bush, Peyton Manning, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Danica Patrick, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, and Michele Wie.