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Maggie the Monkey better step it up

You know why we love Maggie the Monkey? Because she proved that a monkey spinning a wheel was just as good at picking games as a bunch of experts. Well, this year, she is totally letting us down. Going only 4-4 in the first round, Maggie is a disgrace. Hell, even Jeremy Roenick went 6-2. If she doesn’t improve her picks in the second round… well, there’s gotta be a hungry lion at the Zoo.

Here are Maggie’s picks for the second round of the 2007 NHL playoffs:

Detroit over San Jose
Vancouver over Anaheim (oooooh! upset special)
Buffalo over NY Rangers
Ottawa over New Jersey

Maggie is going out on a limb here with the Canucks but at least she’s not just betting the chalk.

Those of you with way too much time on your hands can watch video of Maggie making her picks. It’s actually fairly amusing.

And for one final random piece of NHL news, the mayor of NY declined to do the traditional friendly “we’ll send you our famous food, you send us a case of beer” wager with the mayor of Buffalo. Bloomberg must not like the Rangers chances.

[TSN]: NHL Playoff Picks

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4 replies on “Maggie the Monkey better step it up”

Nice! — Finally, I beat that damn monkey in the first round. Up yours, Maggie!

Eat my 6-2 record bay-bee!!

ok, on a more somber note…that damn monkey goes to 8-8.

do you celebrate — when you beat a little kid in checkers too, matt?

By the way, Maggie can only go to 4-8 after this round. But based on the picks, it’s more likely she ends up at 7-5.

Who do you have this round?

My NHL playoff predictions — It’s down to Detroit,Anaheim,Buffalo and Ottawa.
   This is my pedictions


          4           2               1         4

                     DETROIT vs OTTAWA
                         4         3

…Thats what I think will happen but keep in mind I’m a
HUGE Detroit Red Wings Fan….Go Wings Go

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