Chargers will sport white helmets with new duds

The Chargers previewed their new uniforms today and they’re going in two different ways. First the uniforms themselves are looking a little bit like AFL and NFL Europe unis (why is it that all uni changes seem to veer towards AFL unis?); however, they are going throwback with the helmets and using a yellow thunderbolt on a white helmet. They wisely decided to leave off the number on the helmet like the original franchise helmets. We have to say that the white helmet on the dark blue uniform looks really odd but maybe we’ll get used to it. The sweet sweet powder blue unis will remain as an alternate jersey.

For the Chargers, no gnews is good gnews. They took only a little leap from their current uniforms so there isn’t going to be a huge uproar like with the Sabres new uniforms. If anything, Bolts fans think the new uniforms might do for them what it did for the Broncos in 1997. (That’s a SB for you history impaired.) Good luck Chargers. Hope you built in a special panel on Shawne Merriman’s jersey so he can more easily inject himself in the ass.

[SignOnSanDiego]: Chargers fashion a new look

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